Saturday, February 22, 2014

Announcing Website Launch for Hoop Tracker The World's First Automatic Basketball Shot Tracking SmartWatch a Nashville Web Design company is proud to announce the new website launch for Hoop Tracker, a Wireless Sports, LLC company located in South Florida. Their new product Hoop Tracker is the World's First Automatic Basketball Shot Tracking SmartWatch, which provides real-time 3PT, FT, and FG percentages. Hoop Tracker smart-watch technology inventor Jason Duke says: "We believe quantitative training leads to more motivated, productive, and efficient athletes."

With #MarchMadness just around the corner HoopTracker is going to be one popular item on the arms of many upcoming basketball athletes. Main news article publishers like Popular Science and Dime Magazine are raving about Hoop Tracker! Find all the goods about HoopTracker at their newly launched site that GoHooper Web Design has just rolled out here.

Hoop Tracker The World's First Automatic Basketball 
Shot Tracking SmartWatch, Help Improve 
Your Shot During Basketball Practice

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