Thursday, August 22, 2013

Announcing New Site Launch for Middle TN Primary Care Design by Nashville Web Design Company a Web Design Nashville Company is happy to Announce the new website launch for Middle TN Primary Care MTPC a primary care clinic with locations in both Nashville and Pleasant View Tennessee. Middle Tennessee Primary Care was started in 2010 by Dr. Rick Manning, M.D. Dr Rick Manning MD explains that the objective of MTPC is to serve everyone in the community of all ages in a proactive method of medicine in a fair and unbiased nature. MTPC adheres to the nationalized standards of care while at the same time recognizing that each person has different needs and desires. Each employee of MTPC is vital in recognizing these needs and desires and delivering the necessary benefit to the client. The satisfaction of each client is of upmost important to our organization. MTPC is proactive not reactive in screening, vaccines, and age appropriate testing.

Web Design: GoHooper Web Design
Middle TN Primary Care website:

GoHooper Web Design in Nashville Designs Middle TN Primary Care

Monday, March 11, 2013

Announcing New Launch of Jordan Faith Music, Web Design in Nashville TN,

Our Nashville Web Design Company, GoHooper Web Design is pleased to announce the new website launch of the very talented young Adult Contemporary / Jazz music artist, Jordan Faith. The website is Jordan Faith Music and Jordan Faith has just made available some brand new singles. You can listen and purchase on her music page here. The young artist has already appeared in many public singing events and competitions. Influenced by the sounds of Corrine Bailey Rae and Colbie Caillat, Jordan Faith’s vocal stylings are an infusion of pop and jazz punctuated by her own unique twist. Her music speaks of optimism and love. "Music is what feelings sound like,” says Jordan. “My hope is that my music stirs your emotions and leaves you with a smile on your face." Her heartfelt convictions and the desire to influence the world in a positive way make her an instant favorite for music lovers of all ages. 

Definitely an artist to keep your eye on.
Check her site out:

GoHooper Web Design in Nashville TN Designs Jordan Faith Music

Monday, February 11, 2013

Nashville Web Design Company, Announces the New Launch of Total Tech HVAC School

Our Nashville Web Design Company, GoHooper Web Design is pleased to announce the new launch of Total Tech HVAC Training Center in Nashville TN. The website has a Live video HVAC Training Classes option along with an On-Demand HVAC Training with professionally recorded video webinars for online HVAC training of the technician. The unique platform brings the in-class training to the aspiring certified HVAC Trainee and is available in all 50 states. The HVAC Training is taught by none other than the legendary HVAC certified trainer Don Miller.
Check it out:

GoHooper Web Design in Nashville Designs Total Tech HVAC Training School

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Facebook Down Not Working Sitewide Total Blackout

Facebook down and not working site-wide. Total blackout for 3 full minutes today. Anyone else wondering what happened? Several hundred million sites that use the Facebook API experienced an intermittent interruption  today. Server not found error! Wow! No back-up redundancies. I guess it took that long to remap to backups.